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A hot topic in the parenting world is organic baby formula; in fact, it's what everyone asks the most about! We understand that you want to ensure that what you feed your babies and toddlers is the best and safest baby food.  As more parents continue to become careful about what they feed to their babies, a lot of companies have come up with organic baby formulas.  Here, we will talk about the Kabrita formula. 

There is good evidence that goat milk imitates human breast milk more closely than cow milk, and the good news is that goat milk is the main component of Kabirta formula. Kabrita is also the only glyphosate-free approved formula sold in the United States now!

Reasons why Kabrita is preferred:

Gentle on your baby’s tummy

Kabrita is made from goat milk, so it's much easier to digest. Goat milk protein is naturally easy to digest as it produces a smaller, smoother and looser curd in the intestine compared to cow's milk protein.

Dense Nutrients

Kabrita Goat Milk Formula contains 22 different vitamins and minerals. Unlike other types of milk, it contains a strong source of iron, B vitamins, and immune boosting vitamin C. It also contains 5 grammes of protein per cup, where most plant-based milk contains hardly any protein.

Bone Supporting Nutrient: Vitamin K

We've been conditioned to assume that milk is important to bone health. Calcium is essential, but so are other minerals such as magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K. While milk from cows, goats, almonds and soya contains magnesium and vitamin D, it does not contain vitamin K, which is vital for optimal bone health.

No GMO ingredients

Choosing non-GMO food is becoming more relevant for many families. Kabrita Goat Milk Formula could be a great choice for these families. Kabrita uses high-quality Dutch goat milk and is processed in the Netherlands, where stringent rules apply to refrain from the use of genetically modified food, pesticides and antibiotics.

Solution to constipation

Kabrita goat milk toddler formula includes a premium fat blend of beta palmitate, in addition to containing DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that is vital for vision and nervous system development. Beta palmitate fat blends, such as Kabrita 's fat blend, have been associated with increased absorption of fatty acid and calcium, softer stools. 

Shop wholesale, shop smarter.  

Benefits of purchasing Kabrita infant formula in bulk is that it significantly cuts the cost. Buying wholesale is way cheaper than retail price. The higher the sum that is ordered, the better the deal.  For parents, reducing expenses will directly raise savings. This is especially significant during the Covid19 pandemic as the chances of exposure or stock depleting is lesser. 

So have a look at our options of baby formula and buy the ideal formula for your little one at the best price!