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Lebenswert Formula - From the makers of the best selling Holle formula 

Similar to the all-time favorite Holle baby formula, Labenswert baby formula is made keeping in mind the same EU guidelines that are adhered while formulating the Holle baby formula. Lebenswert organic formula is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for your baby’s growth and development. This formula is free from some of the main culprits such as soy, artificial flavors, preservatives, corn syrup, gluten which are responsible for causing allergies in babies. Labenswert baby formula is produced from cows raised in biodynamic farms. This means that these cows are fed natural grass and fodder. Hence, the milk produced by these cows is also free from any growth hormones that would otherwise be present in cows that are raised the conventional way. 

This formula comes in 3 stages. Each stage is exclusively formulated to meet the nutritional needs of babies that fall under that particular age group. The milk used in Lebenswert organic formula is sourced exclusively from Europe to make sure that they abide by the EU safety standards. The best part is that every time you purchase Lebenswert formula, they donate 1 cent to the reforestation of regional forest areas. 

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